The Purchasing Power Exchange

PPX combines a Bitcoin Sidechain’s 100%-verification process with systematic incentives to trade its resulting smart contracts inside The PPX Compliance Wallet TM: A clearing platform for PPX clients to view bank account balances or debit them to create fiat tokens to spend, store, transfer, trade or redeem for fiat, in full regulatory compliance

Value-Transfer Security Through Immutability & Demobilization


Bitcoin Is More Than Blockchain
Bitcoin's security comes from turning energy into an even scarcerl value, without providing a human attack surface
PPX Penalizes  Behavior, Not  Security
PPX keeps BTC's 100% verification vs 0% trust ledger rules intact, while it deters trading away from Compliance rules
Transfer PPX, Not Funds
As the fiat represented in PPX tokens cannot be moved, except by destroying the tokens, it anchors its jurisdiction
Exchange PPX, Not Currency
PPX enables  participants to transfer purchasing power at a fraction of the time, cost, and risk inherent in fiat transfers.

PPX vs Stablecoins

The Upcoming PPX Platform

We are looking for partners to implement fiat-backed, ownership digital assets that allow users to deploy purchasing power, without transmitting money beyond jurisdictional borders. If you are a financial institution interested in combining the best features of traditional banking and Bitcoin technology, while honoring the regulatory framework, please subscribe.

Meet the PPX Team

PPX is not an untested idea. After 24 years creating cross-border solutions and risk-hedging methods for multinational clients at Citi, Merrill Lynch and Banco Mercantil, our team founded Sequoian, a Broker-Dealer exclusively servicing multinationals whose capital was exposed to FX controls, barring their subs from repatriating dividends without risking their global franchise. The need to move value, without transferring fiat across any country borders or, under any circumstances exchanging it into any other fiat denominations, led us to find the solution, they ended up using for over six years.
After heading treasury and country teams at Citi, Merrill Lynch and Mercantil, Oswaldo launched a Venezuelan Broker-Dealer (05-13) and has managed a BVI fund since. He has graduate degrees in Business and Finance from Tepper at Carnegie Mellon and Kellogg at Northwestern.
Cristobal Arnao
LEGAL Advisor
Cristóbal has advised multiple American, European, Asian transnational corporations. His practice focuses in Corporate Law, including M&A, Intellectual Property, due diligence, legal research, and has coauthored legal papers for Meritas Law Firms Worldwide.

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